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Coralwood Foundation's Mission











Coralwood Foundation's mission is "to encourage excellence in Early Childhood Education from within Coralwood School, and to foster conditions which support our continued growth as well as replication in other schools".


To fulfill its mission, the Foundation encourages Coralwood teachers to think creatively about how to model excellence in education, and foster an environment of best practices to meet the needs of all students.


Our Foundation strives to maximize its impact by encouraging collaboration between Coralwood teachers, parents and community partners to implement innovative models.


Integral to the Foundation's mission is encouraging teachers to reflect and learn from their own initiatives, providing professional development to other educators and developing successful models that can be replicated elsewhere.


Non-Profit Status

Coralwood Foundation has been given charitable, non-profit status by the IRS under Section 501(C)(3), which confers numerous benefits:

  • It allows all contributors to take tax deductions for their donations. This typically encourages individuals and organizations to give more generously than they would otherwise, because they can deduct the gift from income when they calculate their taxes at the end of the year.

  • Non-profit status allows employees in firms with matching grant programs to increase their actual donations by having their employers match (and sometimes even double) their contributions.

  • Because of its non-profit status, Coralwood Foundation does not have to pay taxes to the IRS on its interest income, so that more money can go towards building the endowment and funding programs at Coralwood School.

  • Non-profit status also allows Coralwood Foundation to apply for grants that only non-profits have access to. This is no small detail: many donors and corporations specify in their by-laws that they can only give money to non-profits. In sum, we would not be able to approach them if we didn't have non-profit status.


If you need a copy of the IRS letter determining our non-profit status, please click on the link below to download both pages.


Endowment Fund

One of the core ideas behind the Foundation was to create a permanent Endowment Fund to provide sustainable funding for long-term initiatives. As with most endowment funds, only the interest income — not the principal — is able to be spent. What this means is that every dollar that goes into the Endowment Fund will remain there forever and will keep giving to the school year after year.

“To see how far 'The little inclusion school that could'
has come through the years shows what much a community can accomplish. What the foundation does and continues to achieve is amazing. The blessings my family receives
go well beyond the classroom.  Thank you Coralwood. You undoubtedly make us better people and better stewards to our world.

- Mo Rochelle, Coralwood Alumni Parent


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