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Quotes from Parents and Children

About the Full Inclusion Model
The following quotes were obtained from children who attended Coralwood and families with children that attended Coralwood
– August 2012.


From the parents of a typical developing child that attended Coralwood:

"Amelia's, (typically developing Coralwood alumni 2008-2011), development was greatly enhanced through Coralwood’s inclusion program. As a typically developing child, she enjoyed reaching out to her friends with special needs. The lessons she learned through the formation of these friendships were invaluable in understanding life is full of variety. She emerged from Coralwood as a sensitive, team player. Her current teachers often remark how Amelia is so helpful and sensitive to other children. We thank you Coralwood!”

~ Holly and Dana RectorAugust 2012


From a very active typical developing child that attended Coralwood
– in his own words:

“Coralwood has great teachers. You can have a great experience and you will have extraordinary fun! Your child will be smarter than ever! They have a woods called Coralwood and a tree-house.”

~ S.A.M. (Typically developing Coralwood Alumni)August 2012



From the parent of a child that attended Coralwood at the beginning of the inclusion program:

“Rusty was not talking at age 3. We had learned that he had water in his ears for at least 18 months. Coralwood did an evaluation on Rusty andhe was offered the last slot in a new type of classroom called "inclusion". I believe this was school year 1999-2000. Mrs. Rice was the principle and Mrs. Rebecca Blanton was the councilor. Mrs. Blanton was so kind in the way she explained all the difficulties that Rusty was having. She also explained his strengths which I have held onto dearly. I am now seeing her insight come to be reality.


Rusty received speech every day. He received a lot of one-on-one positive instruction since he did not understand (hear) what was being asked of him. He then received tubes in his ears and started to learn to talk. Rusty attended Coralwood for three years, pre-school, kindergarten and 1st grade.


All through elementary school Rusty would remind me how much he missed Coralwood and all of his teachers. We have gone back to visit Coralwood several times. The changes of the building are very noticeable but one thing has not changed at all. The way the children are treated and nurtured to bring out the best in each child."


Inclusion Model




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