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Physical Therapy Tips For Parents in the Fast Lane

By the Coralwood Physical Therapy Team


Are you harried and in a hurry most afternoons and evenings? Do you cringe when your child's physical therapist asks about your home program because time seems to pass at warp speed each day? Here are ten activities to work on gross motor skills with your child that require only a few simple items. These gross motor activities can be practiced while you wait with your child at the soccer or baseball field or at the ballet studio. Perfect for those of us living in the fast lane!



  1.  Ball

  2. Sidewalk chalk

  3. Jump rope



  1. Practice climbing in the car. Have your child climb in on the opposite side to emphasize motor planning.

  2. Ball activities such as throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing and rolling.

  3. Use the sidewalk chalk to draw a circle and try to throw the ball in the circle.

  4. Draw a hopscotch game and step in the squares or try to jump into the squares.

  5. Draw a line and walk along the line or draw two lines and walk in the track between the lines. Walk forwards and backwards in the track.

  6. Turn the jump rope and step over the rope.

  7. Play tug of war with the jump rope.

  8. Walk or run up and down hills or uneven surfaces of the playground or field.

  9. Practice climbing up and down stairs.

  10. Throw pine cones or acorns over a fence or other obstacle.

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