President’s Message


Dear Parents,

Shining Together and Apart... This is the slogan that Coralwood Foundation chose for our Homecoming celebration this fall, and it’s an apt motto for the year. Even though most of our time is spent physically apart so far this year, Coralwood students and staff keep shining all year long. Our teachers shine by working tirelessly to prepare lessons, conduct small group activities  and are literally shining stars on camera every day. Students’ positive attitudes, participation and adaptability in 2020 are just a few of the ways that their light shines bright. The qualities that Coralwood teaches – kindness, inclusion, teamwork – can be seen every day in our students and alumni. These lessons have and will stay with students well beyond the physical walls of our building; it’s what makes Coralwood such a special place and bonds us all.


Coralwood Foundation’s mission is to give the school extra resources and funding beyond what Dekalb County provides. Did you know that the school’s budget is based on our Kindergarten students, not preschool or Pre-K classes? The Foundation is vital to bridging that gap. We fund continuing education for staff, like the Handwriting Without Tears program. It was started by an occupational therapist and helps all students recognize and write letters. Coralwood Foundation provides money to each classroom & even helped set up our brand new STEM lab, which Mrs. Amy Viar has carefully planned and prepared; students are already benefiting from her weekly lessons and science experiments at home! When we are back in school, Foundation will be supporting enhanced field trips, our fabulous nature trail and outdoor classrooms, and capital expenditures like new playground equipment. 



Coralwood Foundation’s impacts are direct and felt all year long; if your family is able, please consider joining us with a contribution gift this year. It really does last a lifetime and is essential in providing stability during uncertain times. We look forward to when we can all shine together in person, but for now we thank you for your continued support of our school and mission!

Keep Shining,

Erin Hurst, Coralwood Foundation President

Coralwood is a model for the Metro area and state regarding inclusion; people from all over the world have come to see Coralwood and how its programs are run.”
 Dr. Peggy Gallagher,

   Georgia State University