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Principal’s Message

NO LIMITS! That is the vision of the Coralwood staff this school year.


The staff and students will not be held back by grade level curriculum, predetermined goals, standards, or school system funding.


We are reaching for the sun and beyond. It is our goal to move each child from where they are to where others said was impossible. Here at the Coralwood School, we focus on the limitless potential of all of our students, no matter what their gifts or challenges.


The Coralwood Foundation’s vision and financial support has had a direct impact on our success at Coralwood School. Each and every child and staff member has experienced the benefits of the Coralwood Foundation’s dedication and support in the areas of professional development, grants, classroom materials and supplies, campus improvements, volunteerism, and staff appreciation that have directly impacted instruction in the classrooms and the lives of our young students.


Embracing an educational philosophy of “No Limits” requires talented and dedicated staff at all levels to reach and teach our children. Keeping our staff on the cutting edge of instructional interventions, strategies, technologies, and student engagement activities will allow them limitless opportunities for success.


Your support of the Coralwood PTA and the Coralwood Foundation will directly impact the future of all our young children. Please join us in our vision by supporting the Coralwood Foundation’s Classroom Challenge with your financial gift and the Coralwood PTA with your volunteerism and involvement. We are forever grateful for any and every amount of support.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible 
is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

- Arthur C. Clarke


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