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Services for Special Needs Students


A variety of therapies are offered at Coralwood. Physical, occupational, speech/language, recreational, vision and mobility therapies are provided to students who qualify for services. All students participate in the motor and music classes provided as part of the curriculum. A social worker is available to work with families and students as needed. Due to the number of students with medical issues, nursing services are provided on a full-time basis at Coralwood.


The Preschool Assessment Team and the Audiology Clinic are part of the Coralwood School and Diagnostic Center. The Assessment Team screens
and does in-depth testing on preschoolers who are referred as a result of any type of developmental delay. Many of the Coralwood students have medical conditions such as: allergies, Autism, Asperger's, Angelman's Syndrome, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, failure to thrive, hearing loss, Hydrocephalus, Kabuki, Lissencephaly, Microcephaly, Macrocephaly, Mitochondrial Disease, Noonan's Syndrome, CHARGE Syndrome, Landau Kleffner, Rett's Syndrome, Prader-Willi, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury, Turner Syndrome, and visual impairments,
as well asother rare genetic disorders.


The Audiology Clinic tests the hearing of students ages 3-21 years and assists with educational planning for the deaf/hard of hearing students.


Audiology and Preschool Assessment services are now available at Diagnostics South located at Bob Mathis Elementary School.


For more information, go to the websites of the DeKalb County Schools and the DeKalb County Board of Education.

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