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2016-2017 Coralwood Foundation - End of the Year Recap

Dear Coralwood Families and Friends,

Summer is almost here, and the Coralwood Foundation would like to thank you for all of your generous support during the 2016-2017 school year. Here’s a recap of all that we accomplished:


In September, Coralwood Foundation celebrated its 11th Anniversary and kicked off the school year with our Annual Homecoming Event. Many thanks to Valerie Daniel for chairing this fun and meaningful



The Coralwood Challenge helps bridge the gap between what Coralwood receives from school district funding and what the school needs to provide a high-quality inclusion education environment. More than 200 households gave more than $45,000. These funds were used to purchase Kindergarten leveled books to allow students to progress at their own pace to higher reading levels, speakers to go with the upgraded sound system in the cafeteria so we can enjoy high quality sound during the meaningful musical performances and other events, and classroom amplification systems so students of all hearing abilities can access sounds in the classrooms. Thank you to Jill Vaysman and Amy Heldman for their work chairing this campaign.

To celebrate the completion of the Challenge, the Foundation hosted Super Hero Day in November from Heroes Alliance Georgia. Everyone enjoyed dressing as their favorite super hero, while getting a chance to meet actual super heroes!


In September, the Founda5on worked with employees from LexisNexis for a day of volunteering. They installed new sandboxes, installed paver bricks on the walkway from the street to the school, repaired and improved a broken sidewalk and stairs leading from the parking lot to the school, painted murals on walls, constructed a pergola in the corral area, installed a safety rail on portions of the nature trail, and many other projects to improve our school grounds. Thank you to Julie Dascher for organizing this valuable day of contributions.


The Coralwood Foundation arranged for 30 goats to come to our Coralwood Nature Trail to clean (eat) the English Ivy and other invasive plants that are threatening the health of our trees. They did a great job and provided an entertaining learning opportunity for our students while they worked.


Coralwood Foundation’s 15th Annual Auction took place in February at Briarcliff Woods Beach Club. We met our goal of raising $20,000. Coralwood parent and star of NBC’s The Voice, Nick Hagelin, performed a fabulous concert and gave an incredibly touching testimony about what Coralwood has meant to his family. Thanks to your generous bidding, we now have Big Blue Blocks for indoor and outdoor recess, as well as other small projects to improve the school. Robyn Chapman worked tirelessly to pull off this huge event.

HOT (Higher Opportunities for Teachers)

Training and learning opportuni5es for teachers and staff continue to be supported by the Foundation. This year, teachers and staff participated in STEM training, Lindamood Bell instruc5on, Lucy Calkins training, sensory/behavior training, an art conference, and a STEM conference. We also supported project-based learning (PBL) by allowing teachers to purchase needed supplies as they used PBL in their classrooms this year. Thank you to Cathy Ethridge for overseeing these professional development



Finally, we are appreciative of the Rhame Family Foundation grant, which helped us purchase a magnetic wall (on the playground), as well as occupational therapy resources.


We want to thank Julie Dascher, our wonderful Director of Development, for her six years of significant contribu5ons as she transitions to her next opportunity. She raised many thousands of dollars, organized hundreds of hours of volunteer service for Coralwood, and she was the glue that held our organization together. Many thanks, Julie, and best wishes!

We welcome Coralwood parent Kristen Bryant as our new Director of Development. The Foundation’s work is ongoing as STEM Camp kicks off for two weeks at the end of May. We’ve had a busy and successful year thanks to your continued commitment and support. Thank you for believing in the Coralwood Foundation and Coralwood School. Have a wonderful summer!


With great appreciation,

Lauren McDow

Coralwood Foundation President

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