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“Why Coralwood is So Important to Us”

"When our daughter's name was selected for Coralwood School, we were optimistic, but did not yet realize how lucky we really were. Once school began, it took no time at all to realize we had truly 'won the lottery'!


Madelyn thrived in this environment. She blossomed into a confident, inquisitive 4 year old through the cultivation of her tremendously talented teachers. At the same time, she developed an extraordinary sense of empathy from the relationships with her classmates. She has since graduated, and her younger sister is now able to begin her journey at Coralwood.


Our family's lives will be forever changed by this unique adventure. We will continue to support the Coralwood Foundation to allow other families like ours the opportunities we have been fortunate enough to experience.”


~ Aimee and Jack Small, Current Coralwood Parents

If you have a Coralwood story that you would like to share, please send a message to us here.

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