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What is the Coralwood Challenge?

The Coralwood Challenge is Coralwood Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign and is vital to the continued strength of our one-of-a-kind school.

What is the Coralwood Foundation?

The Coralwood Foundation was created to ensure Coralwood School has the resources necessary to provide outstanding inclusion education. The Foundation raises funds to bridge the gap between what Coralwood receives from school district funding and what it needs to provide life-changing education.


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How much money is the Coralwood Foundation trying to raise this year?

The Coralwood Challenge’s 2023-24 fundraising goal is $48,000. Ideally, we’d love for every Coralwood family to consider giving a minimum contribution of $300 toward this year’s Coralwood Challenge.


What does the money raised this year fund?

Each year we fund projects in one or more of the Foundation’s three focus areas: technology, infrastructure, and teacher training. The Challenge is designed to address existing Coralwood needs in these areas, but is flexible enough to address critical needs that may emerge during the school year.

How will my child benefit?

Your child will benefit in a multitude of ways! When your child plays on the playground, he/she is playing on equipment funded by previous Challenge funds. When your child learns using iPads in the classroom, he/she is learning with an iPad funded by previous Challenge funds. Your child's teachers have gained valuable training opportunities in Lindamood Bell, Lucy Caulkins, and Orton Gillingham, and these trainings were paid for by previous Challenge funds. These are just a few examples of the many, many opportunities provided to students by the Coralwood Challenge funding each year.

When does the Challenge begin and end?

The 2023-24 Coralwood Challenge will begin September 18th and continue through October 6th. We encourage parents to contribute during that time frame so the Foundation can plan to fund projects during the current school year. Of course, we accept donations on an annual basis should someone be interested in adding to their donation after the Challenge dates expire, or have a friend, relative, or community stakeholder interested in making a donation during the rest of the school year.

How much do you recommend families donate?

While we encourage families give at least a $300 donation, gifts of all amounts are appreciated. If you think about all that you are saving on daycare as a Preschool or Pre-K parent, you know this is less than one month’s tuition! We also encourage you to ask grandparents, family members, and friends to contribute to this important fundraiser! 


How should I reach out to grandparents, family members, and friends?

We have a feeling that you have already told grandparents, family members, and friends about what a great place Coralwood is and how it is changing your child's life! The ask should be fairly easy. You or your child can ask family members and friends to help his/her school raise money so that Coralwood can continue making a difference in inclusion education. You can forward them a link to our Challenge site (, or you can provide contact information to our Director of Development to reach out to them by mail or email. Make sure they note your child’s name on their donation so he/she receives credit toward prizes!


How do I find out if my workplace sponsors employee matching gifts?

Employee Matching Gifts are donations a company makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions. Employee matching gifts are typically at a dollar-for-dollar rate, but some companies go even further by tripling their employees’ donations. Check with your company’s human resources department for additional information, and/or reference this list. Any applicable forms can be mailed to: Coralwood Foundation Development, 2477 Coralwood Dr, Decatur, GA, 30033 or emailed to our Director of Development. We will take care of the rest!


Is my donation tax deductible?

All contributions are greatly appreciated and 100% tax-deductible.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Director of Development, Sharon Rhodes.

Coralwood Foundation’s mission is to promote excellence in early childhood inclusion education, and to provide a vehicle for long term financial support for Coralwood School.
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