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Coralwood Foundation Board Members

Full Board Photo 2023-24.jpeg
2023-2024 Coralwood Foundation Board Members
Kristina Cesa, Co- President
Mindy Zeh, Co-President

Becky Mason, Secretary
Adrienne McMillon, Treasurer
Sharon Rhodes, Director of Development
Dr. Melanie Castelle, Principal
April Kaigler-Neely, Assistant Principal

Rebecca Blanton
Peaches Flanagan
Rebecca Harper

Laura Hobbs
Raven Huggins
Erin Hurst
Daniel Man
Becky Mason
Kate Michalak

Kristin Murff

Janet Haury Preston
Cheryl Rambler
Lena Smith

Caryn Steinman
“The foundation is the steward of Coralwood's future. The foundation takes the long view to insure that we will have this amazing resource in our community for years to come.”

Kristen Logan, Former Coralwood Parent and Foundation Board Member

The wonderfully supportive work environment at Coralwood is so rare, than when my husband matched at an out-of-state residency program, we decided it would be better to do long distance as newlyweds than give up the professional opportunities I was afforded at Coralwood.

- Peggy Price, Former Coralwood educator


Dana Hughes, PTO Liaison

Non-profit Status

Coralwood Foundation has been given charitable,

non-profit status by the IRS under Section 501(C)(3), which confers numerous benefits.

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