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Help Our School And Our Children

The Coralwood Foundation exists to ensure the long-term support of Coralwood School, its high education standards and the inclusion model the school uses. Your support will help maintain this mission and is greatly appreciated – by the Foundation Board Members, by the staff at Coralwood and by the parents. But mostly it is appreciated by the students whose lives you change.

Direct Donations

Direct donations to the Coralwood Foundation are tax-deductible and will be used exclusively in supporting Coralwood School.


Planned Giving

Planned giving describes any gift that helps the donor's financial and estate planning while creating a lasting legacy for the donor. Examples of ways to support the Coralwood Foundation mission through planned giving include: Naming the school as a beneficiary in your will, making a specific bequest, giving a gift of stock or bonds, or making the Foundation or Endowment a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, 401(k) or retirement account.


In-Kind Gifts

In-Kind gifts to the Foundation come in many forms. The Foundation has been fortunate to receive many free professional services including landscape design, architectural drawings, annual report design, annual report printing, tax preparation and annual Board retreat facilitation. In-kind gifts also come in the form of free products, including laptop computers, planting bulbs, office supplies, envelopes and gardening supplies. The Foundation welcomes and appreciates in-kind gifts.

Without Coralwood, we would still be doing a lot of things. But, we would be tired. And our son would not have as much “kid time.” We also wouldn’t have highly educated experts in child development and education leading the way for him – or including us as team members.
We are a better family, thanks to the incredibly unique situation that is provide at Coralwood.

- Allison Delano


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