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New Parents' Kit

Welcome to Coralwood!

We are glad you are here! Coralwood School is the only public school in DeKalb County dedicated to serving children with special needs, side-by-side with their typically developing peers, between three and six years of age.


Coralwood’s unique inclusion classroom setting provides limitless opportunities for children of all abilities to grow and achieve and the ongoing success of the school and its students is attributable to the support it receives from the Coralwood School Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the Coralwood Foundation, and its teachers and staff. Together, the PTA, the Foundation, and the Coralwood teachers and staff ensure that Coralwood School continues to thrive and provide limitless opportunities for all children to learn, excel, and lead now and in the future.

Coralwood School Foundation

The Coralwood Foundation was created to ensure Coralwood School has the resources necessary to provide the quality of education our children require and deserve not only this year but in the future. Its goal is to raise funds to help bridge the gap between what Coralwood receives from school system funding and what it needs to provide quality education. The Coralwood Foundation takes a long-term planning perspective and acts as an advocate with the DeKalb County School District.


Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA harnesses the power of parent volunteers and addresses issues that are important to parents, and teachers and school administrators. The PTA advocates for supplementary school funding, quality teachers, and capabilities for schools to thrive.


Coralwood Educators
At Coralwood, teachers lead the way but everyone on staff has opportunities to support your child’s education. In that sense, everyone is an educator and their contributions are important. From the para-professionals to the therapists to the office staff to the maintenance team, everyone is focused on making sure your child has the best possible opportunity for advancement that day and the days to come.


Coralwood teachers, in particular, are on the front line of your child’s education. This is why the Coralwood Foundation invests so much effort and money in the additional training that makes them so skilled in our inclusion environment.


Coralwood teachers are our best asset – and your Coralwood child’s best friend.

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